2020 Congress Sponsorship Opportunities

Be Seen at GWCO Congress

Being a GWCO Congress sponsor is the most effective way to show your potential/current customers that you support GWCO and the Optometric Industry. 

GWCO offers a variety of special event sponsorship opportunities to increase your exposure and reflect your level of commitment to the optometric profession. Available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sponsors will have a strong online presence before, during, and after the event through our Virtual GWCO Platform. This platform will be up for attendees before September 18th and through October 18th. 

Thank You for Participating!

Sponsor Level Recognition

Sponsorship levels and grants are determined and recognized independently. Sponsor recognition levels include contributions that directly reduce fixed/standard Congress expenses (e.g., items, events, and in-kind contributions approved by GWCO). Exhibit space and advertising in the onsite manual do not count toward sponsor level recognition.